About Carbon DMP | Intent data & AI driven Data Management Platform

Who is Carbon?

Carbon is a next generation data management platform that profiles 2m+ unique users per day to understand their interest, behaviour and intent. Our tech enables one-to-one personalised online journeys, from acquisition, through to engagement and conversion.

We are data connoisseurs, focusing on high quality, first party intent data, how it can be used & enriched to improve marketing outcomes. Being connoisseurs means we are truly innovative, hyper accurate and reliable with our data to ensure we are thought leaders in the space.

Carbon was born out of a large digital publishing business with US & EU presence with a huge number of price comparison, content, and review sites – providing us with billions of intent data points. Combining this with our strategic partnerships & syndication rights to the likes of Verizon and Google, we’ve packaged this capability into a data science driven suite of audience insights, segmentation and activation tools.

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Carbon Leadership Team

  • Pete Danks
    Pete Danks CEO
  • John Rowe
    John Rowe Chairman
  • Graham Morley
    Graham Morley Director of Product
  • Dr Al Mclean
    Dr Al Mclean Chief Technology Officer
  • David Snocken
    David Snocken Director of Data & Strategy
  • Adam Paxton
    Adam Paxton Director of Operations



There is a lot of terminology and processes associated with data management platforms. What is a DMP? Why do you need one? How do they work?


Carbon Team Member

At Carbon we take pride in attracting the brightest minds, and to do so we’ve created a highly collaborative, open and friendly working environment that is just as intellectually stimulating as it is fun.



At Carbon being ethical-by-design and protecting consumer privacy are key. As well as being ISO accredited we’re also member of the IAB’s Consent & Transparency Framework as well as the NAI.