After a successful KTP between Clicksco and Durham University in developing Carbon DMP – an intent data management platform – a 2nd KTP project between the 2 has been formalised.

The KTP Associate will lead a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project that is a collaboration between Durham University and Clicksco, based in Middlesbrough.

Clicksco is a marketing technology company that uses data & AI to understand customer behaviour and intent across sectors to help everyone successfully collect, understand and leverage their data to be more profitable.

The team at Clicksco are on a mission to change online advertising and publishing and be the leading innovator in the UK in the area of delivering relevant online adverts to users. Publishers don’t want to cover their articles in ads that make little money, advertisers don’t want to waste money reaching the wrong people and users don’t want disruptive ads that intrude on their privacy.

It aims to do this through the combination of its extensive network of clients, which produce and consume internet traffic and advanced mathematical and computer science based techniques that turn this data into highly relevant signals that can be employed to personalise the adverts and content that individuals see.

In order to do this we need to build an economic model of users interaction with ads so that in real-time an optimal decision can be made whether to and what to show to a user. The outputs will become a significant part of our strategic ‘Intent Match’ and ‘National World’ products.

Working alongside the Data Science team based at Clicksco, Middlesbrough, the KTP Associate will be developing statistical models and decision support techniques for personalised advert and content delivery, leading to ‘decision theoretic’ optimisation software modules that show the best advert or content to an individual.

These software modules will be embedded into Carbon, a best in class data management platform, so that it not only is able to analyse user browsing behaviours but also can act upon that knowledge in real time to create personalised ads and content thereby increasing user engagement.

This post is full time (37.5 hours) and fixed term for 27 months.


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