Carbon DMP | Data Activation | Guaranteed incremental revenue per user

Contextual Targeting

Leverage a number of contextual touchpoints & high value audience segments to monetise in realtime via all major ad servers.

Ad Monetisation

Fill every impression with tier one advertisers, intelligently targeted using compliant, scored intent.

Search Monetisation

Drive revenue from your existing search results using scored intent data to unlock incremental gains.

Audience Development

Extend your audience reach attracting more of the same high quality users from various channels to increase impressions and ad clicks.

Anonymised Data Sales

Drive incremental revenue from the compliant selling of anonymised data via some of the largest data marketplaces.

Prebid Optimisation

Unlock data and revenue behind your header bidding, using machine learning to auto-segment your most valuable segments.

Facebook Audience Sync

Leverage intent-fuelled audiences on Facebook to drive lower CPCs and higher ROI.

Drive incremental revenue per user with Carbon

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