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Monetisation Reporting

In order to give a better view of how Carbon’s monetisation products are performing for our users, we’ve launched an improved publisher reporting tab.  The tab includes a network-wide revenue performance overview – including stats such as clicks, gross revenue, RPCs, eCPMs – and a gross revenue split across our products, as well as the ability to drill down further.

From seeing the overarching performance of their monetisation products, users can drill down further to access reporting on each individual product (e.g. IntentMatch display, Search, Audience Development, etc) revealing best performing sites and interests.  Prebid has its own dedicated reporting page to breakdown key stats, bids and revenue numbers.

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Guarenteed incremental revenue increases per user.

Prebid Segments

Carbon’s Prebid analytics & segmentation features allow publishers to discover, analyse and activate their high performing audiences further.  When creating audiences within Carbon, you will now see several new prebid options: Deal ID enables the creation of audiences from a specific prebid campaign either in isolation or with other parameters; whilst the Max CPM attribute will include IDs for a set CPM price range.

Addressable Reach

The new Addressable count in the insights dashboard’s breakdown tables shows the potential number of users that can be activated using our realtime solution or via our various platform integrations.  This count will see the removal of several other stats to give a much clearer idea of your addressable reach.

Hovering over each addressable number will reveal the potential reach (real-time and platform) as well as the data source (1st party, 3rd party and local storage).

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Indexing Update

We’ve streamlined the index view to present only the high level value, which when hovered over reveals further insight if required.

Cohort Analysis Update

Further improvements were made to our cohort analysis feature to now give a list of top URLs visited by the segment within your network.  This is in addition to a host of insights into the selected segment including top brands, top locations, top intent and demographic summaries.


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