Carbon DMP | Introducing the Prebid Heatmap & Real Time Activation

In Carbon’s latest updates we introduce our latest feature – the Prebid Heatmap – which helps publishers optimise their header bidding, and talk more about our Cookieless options.

The Prebid Heatmap 🔥

Header bidding is a transparent, open-source solution that optimises advertiser demand – ensuring publishers get the best possible price for their inventory, while maintaining a great user experience. Carbon uses data science & audience expertise to make it easier to unlock more revenue from header bidding by integrating with Prebid, the world’s most common header bidding solution.

As part of our Prebid Analytics & Segmentation tools we’ve launched the Prebid Heatmap (above). Presented visually within the Publisher Dashboard – which offers a range of insights from prebid campaigns and other Carbon monetisation solutions – it gives publishers insight into performance of their prebid campaigns across each hour of each day of the week. This insight can help publishers understand when their visitors generate the highest and lowest CPMs in order to further segment & optimise resulting in higher performing audiences.

Real-Time Activation ⏰

A key issue facing marketers today is the depreciation and decline of third party cookies as a targeting method. Carbon is focused on uncovering the value in first party data, and to make this even more effective can compliantly activate segments without the need for cookies. This not only increases the reach of a publisher’s segments, but also reduces the time taken for a new segment to become actionable in their target platform.

Want to find out more about our real-time integrations, Prebid analytics & segmentation tools or suite of monetisation products, then get in touch.

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