Carbon DMP | New features: Trending Tiles & Audience From Anywhere

Our latest new features are key to our core principles around speed & ease of use and making every data point actionable. Read on to find out more.

Trending Tiles

Carbon’s insights dashboard has KPI tiles at the top to provide a quick overview of the main interest/intent signals, top sites, and top brands for their sites, as well as your overall network/property reach.  Trending Tiles take this further by showing relevant, near real-time and actionable trends that relate to the popular intent signals emitted by users of their sites.

For a publisher this may show them which categories are currently popular among their audience in order to accurately target, or identify new revenue opportunities.  For an advertiser this can show which products or categories are trending for them to fuel further ad campaigns.

Audience from Anywhere

The Audience from Anywhere feature makes audience creation from the insights dashboard quick & seamless, whilst users can still create more complex audiences from their Audience tab.  From the insights dashboard, when a user hovers over a stat within the trending tiles, intent/brand breakdown, property breakdown or location breakdown, they’ll see a plus button appear.  When clicked upon, the plus icon reveals an audience creation pop-up where they can add a name and see the estimated reach.

For all users, this makes it easier to create audiences directly from the trends that they’re seeing in the insight dashboard, without having to note down key categories to input in the usual audience creation process.

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