Carbon is currently working with a number of publishers to give them access to high quality data, monetisation tools, and help driving subscriptions. Here’s a sneak peak at how.

Dmexco 2019 recently showcased some of the key challenges for publishers such as privacy concerns and the impact restrictions could have on publisher revenue; a post-cookie world and determining the best tracking solutions to appease all players; and programmatic innovation. Whilst facing these challenges, publishers need to appropriately collect and activate consumer data to fuel content creation and monetisation efforts; with many exploring new revenue streams.

“Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019”, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford

Research from Reuters/University of Oxford revealed that whilst advertising – including display & native – remains important, subscriptions have become one of the main revenue focuses for news publishers. The research also showed the array of revenue channels available to publishers as well as placing onus on the opportunities of leveraging audience data to fuel these streams within a changing environment.

“Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019”, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford

Carbon’s publishing clients are using the platform to drive key initiatives in the face of these challenges.

Understanding Audience Intent

Leveraging Carbon’s data science and machine learning (ML) capabilities, publishers are accessing intelligent & actionable audience insights into customer behaviour and intent across their networks to build and export better performing audiences for their advertisers. Our rich taxonomy assigns intent signals more accurately which combined with behavioural, demographic, location, brand affinity data and more, creates rich audience profiles to fuel improved audience creation & monetisation.

Intent fuelled & AI driven Audience creation

Publishers are using Carbon to create audience segments leveraging multiple attributes, a multi-layer taxonomy and our unique intent data. As well setting pre-determined, bespoke or rolling date ranges; publishers can segment audiences based on a range of attributes including property, device, location, intent and more.

Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon automatically seeks out ‘intelligent audiences’ for publishers too. These audiences represent high value segments due to their desirable attributes such as being highly engaged, which can be activated to drive their monetisation efforts.

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Driving Subscriptions

By profiling their current audience of subscribers, Carbon is able to build out lookalike audiences as well as using our machine learning algorithms to find highly engaged users, for instance, that may be more likely to subscribe.

Some recent subscriber campaigns for one of our larger publishing clients saw us, on average, drive 80% more clicks vs their baseline as well as 80% higher CTRs vs their baseline.

Advertising still remains a priority

Whilst new revenue streams are still evolving, advertising remains a key focus for publishers. In order to continue making the most of advertising, and secure more budgets from advertisers/agencies, publishers need to offer premium inventory. Using high quality 1st party data such as intent data can enable the creation of premium ad opportunities and scale.

Via our monetisation suite – Intent Match – we offer a range of revenue generating tools including:

  • Ad Monetisation: Serve highly relevant ads from tier 1 advertisers that are responsive, optimised to fit into your site and fully automated.
  • Search Monetisation: Increase yields from on-site search by placing intent driven ads from tier 1 advertisers alongside existing search results.
  • Audience Development: Extend audience reach attracting more of the same high quality users from various channels in order to increase impressions and ad clicks.

Programmatic Direct Deals

Furthermore, being able to highlight more relevant and high value audiences can drive more direct relationships with advertisers to facilitate programmatic direct deals. For instance, UK publishing giant Archant was able use Carbon to create an array of audiences for insurance provider Trade Direct Insurance such as ‘highly engaged’ audiences using Carbon intent data, lookalike audiences, and targeted extensions. As a result, Archant boosted ROAS (return on ad spend) for TDI by 300%, whilst Archant saw increased yields from guaranteed inventory sales.

Anonymised Data Sales

Using Carbon, publishers are able to create and sell bespoke customer segments easily via anonymous, branded or private buckets can generate incremental profits from audience data. Enriching their segments with our intent signals in order to differentiate their data from other sellers can allow publishers to maximise this incremental revenue, in a GDPR compliant process.

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