Carbon DMP | New data views, new extensions & new integrations

Highlighting 1st Party Data

With the ever–increasing importance of first party data within the online ecosystem, it is vital to have a clear understanding of your 1st party data, and how it can be utilised for maximum effect. To this end, we have introduced new functionality within the intent signal breakdown of Carbon insights, allowing easy separation of your own first party signals from the billions of signals in the Carbon Partner Network.

By default the intent breakdown will now show only first party signals collected from your own properties. This is deeply valuable, proprietary data and shows the insight being unlocked by Carbon from your own traffic.

To view all of the signals we’re able to overlay across your traffic, you can now use the ‘all sources’ toggle. This view includes your first party data PLUS high quality first party signals uncovered from our global contributors to the Carbon Partner Network from opted–in Carbon users, and verified, time stamped and scored third party signals from some of the largest global data platforms.

Having this split gives you a comprehensive view of every single data point available to you across your traffic, while prioritising your first party data.

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Household Extensions

Carbon is always looking at ways we can extend your audiences – finding more of your relevant targets to drive scale and higher profits.  The latest extension we’ve launched is ‘household extensions’, which extends an audience by finding more devices on the same IP address.  This can both reinforce targeting someone across their multiple devices, as well as finding new potentially similar targets, whether that be other family members in the same house or students in a house share, for instance.

This also applies to offices & workplaces where, for instance, an advertiser may be looking to target multiple people at the same company.

The household extension can be used to extend existing audiences, or when creating completely new audiences.

AppNexus and Snap Integrations

Carbon recently added 2 new integrations – AppNexus and Snap – within the ‘activate’ UI enabling you to export & target your intent-driven audiences in even more places.

Pushing audiences directly from the Carbon interface enables the discovery of these more engaged consumers in new additional channels to drive better performing campaigns and higher ROIs.


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