Carbon DMP | Product Updates: Data Scoring, Indexing & reach estimates

Our latest product updates include intent & brand affinity scores for even more powerful audiences, data benchmarking for uncovering new opportunities, and realtime reach estimates.

? Intent and Brand Affinity Scoring

No two visits to a web page are the same, yet they are often categorised in the same way. By scoring our data Carbon offers the most reliable and accurate signals of intent. Scoring our data provides confidence to our users when they’re building audiences, which is why we’ve now made it easier for them to leverage scores for both intent and brand affinity signals within the audience builder.

Users can now filter audiences based on the level of intent for taxonomy nodes in order to target broad or niche audiences based on where they are in their buying cycle. Using a slider module, users are able to define audiences based on 3 levels of intent, either altogether or in isolation to target those more specific audiences with different messaging.

Carbon also enables the filtering of audiences based on their brand affinity in order to target those with varying levels of awareness and advocacy for specific brands. On Carbon’s audience builder a slider module enables the defining of an audience based on ‘Awareness’, ‘Engagement’ or ‘Advocacy’; which can be used together or in isolation to target audiences with more optimised messaging.

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? Signal Indexing

Intent indexing allows users to benchmark their signals data against the Carbon universe. Indexing shows insights into over & under representation for different terms within our taxonomy to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Similarly; demographic indexing enables the benchmarking of audience demographics against the Carbon network to surface new revenue opportunities and new areas for audience engagement.

Both Intent and demographic indexing are visual within a user’s insights dashboard.

? Realtime Reach Estimates

Realtime reach estimates enables faster and more accurate audience building that give users confidence in the audience reach, as well as increasing the speed to activation. When a user starts building an audience using Carbon they’ll see the ‘estimated audience reach’ update in realtime as they add new rules.

Given Carbon’s array of audience types including ‘intelligent audiences’, ‘rolling audiences’ and ‘custom audiences’ to name a few, we decided to make it easier to spot the differences at a glance. Within the audiences tab in the “type” column users will now see new icons that represent different audience types to provide a quick indication of what kind of audiences it is.


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