260 million+

Monthly Uniques

2 billion+

Monthly customer signals

180 million+

Daily intent signals

How Carbon can maximise your yields

Enriching publisher first party data signals with our uniquely scored intent data, plus our publishing experience means we offer a range of opportunities to increase yields.

  • Hyper relevant Ads

    By layering our uniquely scored intent data with your first party data you’re able to display hyper relevant ads more likely to convert.

  • Audience Extension

    Extend your audience reach attracting more of the same high quality users from various channels to increase impressions and ad clicks.

  • Machine Learning

    Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon automatically seeks out Intelligent Audiences that represent high value segments due to their desirable attributes such as being highly engaged and more likely to click.

  • Tier 1 advertisers

    Access to some of the world’s largest advertisers, bidding on high yield, targeted keywords.

  • Protect Valuable users

    As well as being fully GDPR compliant, Carbon protects your user experience with each impression served tuned to best fit your site look and feel.