Carbon DMP | Prebid Analytics and Segmentation

Simple Integration, Actionable Reporting

Using Carbon’s prebid analytics suite, publishers can unlock the content that is working for both users and advertisers.

Carbon goes well beyond analytics, using ML to identify and auto-segment your most valuable (and low yield) segments, so you can activate those audiences differently.

Prebid Heatmap

As part of our Prebid Analytics & Segmentation tools we’ve launched the Prebid Heatmap. Presented visually within the Publisher Dashboard – which offers a range of insights from prebid campaigns and other Carbon monetisation solutions – it gives publishers insight into performance of their prebid campaigns across each hour of each day of the week.

This insight can help publishers understand when their visitors generate the highest and lowest CPMs in order to further segment & optimise resulting in higher performing audiences.

Who is using our Prebid features:

Want to unlock more revenue from your prebid audiences?

Prebid Insights

Get a deeper understanding of audiences you’re reaching through prebid campaigns. Enrich prebid audiences with user intent signals, and use machine learning to understand their value further.

Prebid Segmentation

Further segment & activate high performing audiences from Prebid campaigns for further optimisation.  For instance, publishers may want to segment audiences that saw an ad with a high CPM.

  • Enriched Insights

    See deeper insights from your prebid audiences with multiple filters including location, device, interests, etc.

  • Enriched Segments

    Enrich prebid audiences with user intent signals, combined with a range of date, property, device and locations signals, to create high value segments.

  • Activate high value segments

    Segmenting prebid audiences based on more accurate signals increases yields from those segments.

  • Data Science

    Our talented team of data scientists have developed machine learning-driven segmentation techniques that use uniquely scored intent & brand affinity data in combination with other signals.

  • Simple deployment

    Simple & rapid deployment of the Carbon tag means you can start running prebid optimisation quickly.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Carbon is GDPR compliant having embedded privacy-by-design procedures from the start and as an organisation Clicksco is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.