Carbon DMP | A suite of intent fuelled marketing products

Audience Insights

Deeper Understanding of audiences & their intent

Unify your 1st party audience data with our rich profiles for deeper insights into online consumer needs, behaviours, brand affinity, and intent as well as inferring other signals such as wealth, family status and brand affinity. All this available from one simple dashboard.

Audience Hub

Segment & Export Intent-driven audiences

From the Audience Hub you can create custom audience segments for targeting, monetisation and to uncover further insights; either manually or using our machine learning algorithms. Our simple 2 click export means you can execute better marketing campaigns by quickly exporting audiences direct to your exchanges, the 200+ DSPs, or one of our data sync partners.

Data Activation & Monetisation

Intent data-driven monetisation tools that command higher yields

A suite of AI driven monetisation tools that leverage high quality intent and 1st party data to maximise yields and ROI.

Prebid Insights & Segmentation

Unlock the data and revenue behind your header bidding

Unlock the data and revenue behind your header bidding auctions, down to bidder, deal id, user and URL. Carbon goes well beyond analytics, using ML to identify and auto-segment your most valuable (and low yield) segments, so you can activate those audiences differently.

Intent Match

Fill 100% of unsold inventory

Intent Match is a suite of ad tools – Ads, Search and Audience Development – that leverage Carbon intent data and access to tier one advertisers to fill all inventory and maximise ROI. With CPC payouts and up to 70% CTRs , the Intent Match ad unit maximises display monetisation whilst click data from the ads provides further insights.

Anonymised Data Sales

Incremental revenue from selling data

Enrich and sell anonymised audience data to generate incremental revenue. Audience data can be sold through our data sync partners into most DSPs into anonymous, branded, or private buckets.