Multiple Filters

As well as date filters – including pre-determined and bespoke date ranges – Carbon offers property, location, device, brand and interest filtering. These multiple filters can be used in isolation or combined to uncover valuable insights and revenue opportunities.

Rich, multi-layer Taxonomy

Carbon identifies a user’s intent at deeper levels; for example, for a car it may go beyond auto and vehicle type, down to the Brand, Make, and Model. Layering demographic and psychographic attributes and weighting intent based upon the sources of data (e.g. valuation site, review site, blog) uncovers large in-market audiences with intent to buy.

Key Insights

There are a number of key insight tables on the Audience Insights dashboard that breakdown your audience numbers including daily uniques, location, properties and intent. These tables provide a quick way to view, filter and even export your insights including brand affinities and intent which can be further dived into using our multi-layer taxonomy.


Data visualisations provide a quick overview of key trends and insights. Carbon Audience Insights provides a range of data visualisations including KPI tiles to show trending sites, intent and brand affinities amongst your audiences; demographic overviews and a daily signals graph.

Other Carbon Products

  • Intelligent Audiences

    Carbon machine learning algorithms identify the most relevant & engaged audiences for advertisers and publishers automatically.

  • Intent Match – Fill 100% of unsold inventory

    Leverage intent-fuelled ads to fill all of your inventory – with multiple themes & formats including native – to maximise ROI.

  • Facebook Audience Sync – Add intent data to social

    Leverage intent-fuelled audiences on Facebook to drive lower CPCs and higher ROI.

  • money icon

    Data Sales – Incremental revenue

    Create and sell bespoke customer segments easily & anonymously to make profit from your data, whilst fueling advertisers & publishers’ own marketing goals.

Audience Insights with Carbon DMP

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