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Carbon enables everyone to collect and enrich their audience data to maximise its monetary value to then sell it anonymously, privately or through branded buckets via DSPs in order to generate profits using GDPR compliant methods.

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Using Carbon for Data Sales

  • One Simple Tag Deployment

    Simple & rapid deployment of the Carbon tag so you can quickly start collecting & unifying advertiser 1st party data into anonymous customer profiles.

  • Enrich Audience Data

    Profiles are further enriched by Carbon intent data to reveal insights and enable audience creation based on key intent, interest and brand data; as well as custom events data.

  • Multi-layer Taxonomy

    Our rich taxonomy has multiple layers of categorisation including source type (e.g. ecommerce, blog, news), interest, and scored intent for improved audience insights & segmentation.

  • Quick Data Sync & Export

    Profiled interest and intent data can be exported & synced in just a few clicks with marketplaces such as Bluekai, Nielsen, Lotame and Eyeota to enrich the data ready for selling.

  • Multiple Data Export Options

    Data can be exported anonymously, into branded buckets, or privately to your own ad server or all major DSPs including Adform, Mediamath, and Google

  • GDPR Compliant

    Carbon is fully GDPR compliant with ISO accreditation (27001 and 9001); as well as membership to the NAI and IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

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Data Sales with Carbon DMP

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