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In-Market Audiences on Social Media

Carbon enables brands to add intent-driven audiences to their social targeting on Facebook for better performing campaigns and the best ROIs. Translating our proprietary cookied data into Mobile Ad IDs makes the process more simple than using the Facebook pixel to build custom audiences – saving time & resource.

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Add the power of intent to social campaigns

Add the power of Intent Data to Social Campaigns

  • Audience Insights

    The Carbon tag quickly collects & unifies advertiser 1st party data into anonymous customer profiles that are further enriched by Carbon intent data to reveal deep audience insights.

  • Audience Segmentation

    Create segments based on parameters such as interests, location, demographics and intent to find the most in-market customers; as well as extending audiences by finding lookalikes.

  • Intelligent Audiences

    Carbon automatically identifies Intelligent Audiences (IAs), which are identified by our machine learning algorithms as having highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged.

  • Translating Cookie Data

    Carbon translate cookie data to Facebook’s Mobile Ad IDs with up to 100% match rates to be able to target intent-driven audiences in a much faster than usual.

  • Unique Intent Data

    Carbon’s unique intent data increases the value of audiences, and the inventory they’re viewing.

  • Combined with Social reach

    Facebook’s unquestionable reach makes it ideal for leveraging AI and intent data driven audiences.

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