Intelligent Audiences | AI-driven discovery of highly engaged audiences
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AI driven audience discovery

Carbon uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify the most relevant & highly engaged audiences to drive the best performing campaigns for advertisers, and the best possible yields for publishers.

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Find Intelligent Audiences with Carbon

  • Tag Deployment & Audience Insights

    Simple & rapid tag deployment means Carbon can quickly start to identify & create bespoke audiences, as well as offer rich campaign reporting.

  • Engaged Audiences for Advertisers

    Advertisers are able to target more engaged audiences in brand safe environments to generate higher ROIs from their marketing campaigns.

  • Higher Yields for Publishers

    Publishers are able to generate higher yields by offering data and AI-driven audiences that are more likely to convert.

  • Intelligent Audience Creation

    Carbon uses AI & machine learning to identify the most relevant and in-market audiences such as Intelligent Audiences (IAs) and lookalike audiences.

  • Quick Audience Export

    Audiences can be exported in just a few clicks to an ad server and/or to an advertiser’s DSP seat to use for targeting elsewhere.

  • Compliance & Transparency

    Carbon is ISO accredited as well as a member of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework and NAI. Audience Match provides transparency in knowing where data has came from and where ads will be placed.

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