For Publishers

Analyse, create and export bespoke customer segments to be monetised through direct advertising deals, personalisation, and anonymous data sales at scale.  Our AI-driven audience tools can automate the discovery of highly engaged Intelligent Audiences that fuel more programmatic direct deals and ensure 100% publisher inventory is sold.

For Agencies

Harness the same data science & intent data-driven capabilities we provide advertisers and publishers for clients, adding value and strengthening client relationships.  Leveraging Carbon’s simple-to-use audience tools enables agencies to create more profitable marketing campaigns for their clients, whilst providing them with robust audience insights.

For Advertisers

Analyse, create and export intent-driven segments for finding more in-market customers, remarketing, and rich personalisation.  Our wide network and simple audience export tools give advertisers access to some of the most engaged audiences for their products & services.

Other Carbon Products

  • Intelligent Audiences

    Carbon machine learning algorithms identify the most relevant & engaged audiences for advertisers and publishers automatically.

  • Intent Match – Fill 100% of unsold inventory

    Leverage intent-fuelled ads to fill all of your inventory – with multiple themes & formats including native – to maximise ROI.

  • Facebook Audience Sync – Add intent data to social

    Leverage intent-fuelled audiences on Facebook to drive lower CPCs and higher ROI.

  • money icon

    Data Sales – Incremental revenue

    Create and sell bespoke customer segments easily & anonymously to make profit from your data, whilst fueling advertisers & publishers’ own marketing goals.