Advertisers & Agencies | Intent fuelled Customer Acquisition

Customer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ intent, spot trends, and identify opportunities to increase ROI.

Smart Segmentation

Using scored intent data & machine learning for manual, automated and curated audiences that perform better.

Intent-driven Acquisition

Find & target in-market customers on some the biggest publishers and platforms.

Intent-fuelled Customer Acquisition

Create bespoke customer segments that are in-market for your products and services, and export them to your private DSP for remarketing, or to find new similar users. Carbon integrates with every major programmatic DSP enabling you to reach customers on some of the UK’s largest publishers via one-to-one personalisation of ads, products and content.

All profiled data is made available via a lightweight API to plug into a CMS or CRM to personalise UX and increase ecommerce conversion rates and engagement.

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Key Features for Advertisers & Agencies

  • Deep customer insights

    Learn more about your current customers, their demographics, their buying intent and brand affinity.

  • Scored Intent Data

    Layer your 1st party data with our uniquely scored intent data to reveal actionable insights.

  • Compliance

    Carbon is fully GDPR compliant with ISO accreditation (27001 and 9001); as well as membership to both the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) and IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed

    Via our direct relationships with some of the largest UK & US publishers we can provide programmatic guaranteed/direct deals leveraging our 1st party solutions.

  • Acquire new customers

    Leverage attributes and intent from current customers to build audience profiles and find lookalikes.

  • Increased engagement

    Personalise content and messaging shown to each audience.

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