Carbon DMP | Advertisers | 360 degree view of your audiences & intent
Understand customer intent

Intent-layered Insights to fuel Customer Acquisition

Carbon unifies your 1st party audience data with our uniquely scored intent & brand affinity data to offer deeper insights into your customers’ needs, behaviours and intent; as well as inferring other signals such as wealth and family status.

  • Multiple filters

    Carbon offers date, property, location, device, brand and interest filtering. These multiple filters can be used in isolation or combined to uncover valuable insights and revenue opportunities.

  • Multi-layer Taxonomy

    Carbon identifies a user’s intent at deeper taxonomy levels combined with scoring to ensure accuracy of intent.

  • Simple & actionable breakdowns

    Breakdowns & visualisations of your audience by addressable reach, location, properties, brand affinity and intent provide a quick way to view, filter and export your insights.

  • Audiences from Anywhere

    Create audiences from within the insights dashboard to create segments directly from the trends you see in the insights.

  • Simple deployment

    Simple & rapid deployment of the Carbon tag so you can quickly start collecting & unifying advertiser 1st party data into anonymous customer profiles.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Regulatory compliant collection, segmentation and activation of data, with ISO 9001 and 27001 plus memberships to key bodies.

Audience Insights with Carbon DMP

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