Carbon DMP for Advertisers & Agenices | Find in-market customers

Create Intent-driven segments of in-market customers

Carbon enables you to create infinite segments based on intent and a range of other parameters; as well as finding lookalikes. As it learns, Carbon can save you time and automate this process through Intelligent Audiences (IAs), which are complex audiences, identifed by our machine learning algorithms as having highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged.

Machine Learning

Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon automatically seeks out intelligent audiences within your network. These audiences represent high value segments due to their desirable attributes such as being highly engaged. These can be exported quickly & easily to fuel marketing.

Curated Audiences

Carbon’s curated audiences are preset, off-the-shelf audience make-ups that can include specific intent, demographics, locations and more. These preset segments offer advertisers a way to target specific customer types or communities within their network or across publisher sites.

  • Simple Audience Builder

    Quickly segment customers using pre-determined, bespoke or rolling date ranges; and a range of attributes including property, device, location, and scored intent.

  • Multi-layer Taxonomy

    Carbon’s combined deep taxonomy and intent scoring algorithms enable marketers to create & segment audiences more accurately.

  • Data Science

    Our talented team of data scientists are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 1st party data including our machine learning-driven segmentation techniques.

  • Uniquely Scored Data

    Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon uniquely scores its intent and brand affinity data for accurate segmentation.

  • Multiple Integrations

    Audience segments can be activated in realtime or via our DSP integrations and direct relationships with some of the largest US & UK publishers.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Regulatory compliant collection, segmentation and activation of data, with ISO 9001 and 27001 plus memberships to key bodies.

Customer segmentation with Carbon

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