Audience Monetisation

Combine your audiences with our unique intent data to create segments of in-market consumers to leverage across DSPs & media partners to extract the most value from your inventory. Filling inventory with ads, products and content relevant to each user or selling audience data results in seamless user experiences, added value and higher yields.

Intelligent Audiences: AI driven audience discovery

Carbon’s machine learning algorithms identify Intelligent Audiences – audiences with highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged – to drive improved yields.

Intent Match: Fill 100% of unsold inventory

Leverage intent-fuelled ads to fill all of your inventory – with multiple themes & formats including native – to maximise ROI.

Anonymised Data Sales: Revenue from data

From the Carbon platform audience data can be sold through our data sync partners into most DSPs and is then purchased by others, resulting in revenue for you.

  • Understand your audience intent

    Get a 360 degree view of your audiences – their demographics, behaviours and intent across sites, devices and locations.

  • Segment your audiences

    Create audience segments based on intent to find the most in-market audiences.

Audience Monetisation with Carbon DMP

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