Segment audiences

Create Intent-driven segments that command higher yields

Carbon enables you to create infinite segments based on intent and a range of other parameters; as well as finding lookalikes. As it learns, Carbon can save you time and automate this process through Intelligent Audiences (IAs), which are complex audiences, identifed by our machine learning algorithms as having highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged.

Simple Audience Builder

Carbon’s audience builder enables users to quickly create & segment audiences using multiple attributes, a multi-layer taxonomy and our unique intent data. As well setting pre-determined, bespoke or rolling date ranges; users can segment audiences based on a range of attributes including property, device, location, and intent.

Rich, Multi layer Taxonomy

Our multi-layer taxonomy enables the creation of audiences as broad or as niche as required based on levels of intent for different categories. For example, for a car users may go beyond auto and vehicle type, down to the Brand, Make, and Model. Layering demographic and psychographic attributes and weighting intent based upon the sources of data (e.g. valuation site, review site, blog) uncovers large in-market audiences with intent to buy.

Machine Learning

Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon automatically seeks out ‘intelligent audiences’ for you. These audiences represent high value segments due to their desirable attributes such as being highly engaged. These can be exported quickly & easily to fuel marketing.

Audience Overlap

There are also other audience segmentation & discovery tools such as the Audience Overlap feature whereby publishers can compare 2 audiences to discover overlapping audiences that may be highly valuable.

  • Understand your audience intent

    Get a 360 degree view of your audiences – their demographics, behaviours and intent across sites, devices and locations.

  • Increase your monetisation

    Data-driven monetisation tools that enable publishers to command higher fees.

Audience segmentation with Carbon DMP

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