Give the fans what they want

There’s a huge digital opportunity for sports publishers with rising audiences looking to consume sport-related content including news, views and the live events themselves online.

Carbon is an Intent DMP which guarantees incremental revenue per user whilst scoring every user’s intent to enable more specific targeting. Whatever your audience is a fan of, whichever teams they support, and whatever they’re in-market to buy, we can ensure you serve them the right ads.

We initially started working with Carbon based on their data & audience development expertise, but it soon became apparent that they had much more to offer, with their deep rooted performance publishing experience.


The Solutions

Actionable Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of audience insights, spot trends, and identify opportunities to increase ROI.

Smart Segmentation

Using scored intent data & machine learning for manual, automated and curated audiences that perform better.

Scalable Monetisation

A suite of scalable monetisation tools that guarantee incremental revenue per user and fuel further optimisation.

The Monetisation Suite

  • Cookieless Targeting

    Leverage a number of contextual touchpoints & high value audience segments to monetise in realtime via all major ad servers.

  • Ad Monetisation

    Fill every impression with tier one advertisers, intelligently targeted using compliant, scored intent.

  • Search Monetisation

    Drive revenue from your existing search results using scored intent data to unlock incremental gains.

  • Audience Development

    Extend your audience reach attracting more of the same high quality users from various channels to increase impressions and ad clicks.

  • Data Sales

    Drive incremental revenue from the compliant selling of anonymised data via some of the largest data marketplaces.

  • Prebid Optimisation

    Unlock data and revenue behind your header bidding, using machine learning to auto-segment your most valuable segments.

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Why Carbon

Carbon has the expertise, quality data, and technology to ensure publishers maximise their yields.

  • Dedicated Data Science team

  • Uniquely Scored intent & Brand data

  • Fully GDPR Compliant

  • Simple Integration

  • Intelligent & Easy-to-use

  • Leading Martech

You do the content, we’ll do the monetisation

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