Put your audience data to work

Carbon is a cloud based Data Management Platform that allows you to collect, manage and leverage your audience data.

Built natively upon our DMP is a range of tools for advertisers and publishers to enable one-to-one personalised online journeys, from acquisition, through to engagement and conversion, all backed up by analytics to uncover further insights.

Your data can be used in isolation or alongside our 1bn+ customer profiles for better customer experiences, and ultimately higher ROI.

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Our DMP delivers the next tier of customer understanding by connecting data from various channels and silos to unearth rich, holistic profiles built to power your customer experience.

Visualisation and Analysis of your data

One dashboard to understand your audience, performance metrics, and spot trends. From viewing your entire audience you can drill down into individuals for detailed profiling.

Use data for site and content personalisation

Create the most personalised experiences possible for your audience by understanding & optimising for each unique user; whether you’re an advertiser acquiring traffic or a publisher looking to serve personalised content and ads for better ROI.

Segment and Compare your data versus benchmarks

Infinite audience segmentation allows for deeper knowledge of your performance across channels and customers versus others, as well as improved optimisation to drive content management & personalisation..

Make your data available to buy on DSPs

Carbon can place your data into the anonymous exchanges to help advertisers’ targeting on DSPs and we can also sell private data deals to specific marketplaces and advertisers on your behalf to further monetise your data.