Find in-market customers, remarket, and build rich personalisation



Monetise through direct advertising deals, personalisation, and data sales



More profitable media buys for your clients using Carbon’s full suite of tools

Analyse. Create. Execute.

Carbon currently processes 150m+ monthly uniques adding to the 1.25bn+ anonymised profiles and 3.85bn+ intent data points we have stored and categorised.


Deep Audience Insights

Using data science & AI Carbon unifies 1st party audience data with categorised profiles to offer deeper insights into online consumer needs, behaviours and intent.


Bespoke Segments

Data can then be actioned through the creation of bespoke customer segments to drive intelligent customer acquisition, audience data monetisation, and personalisation of ads, products and content.


Quick Audience Export

All audience data from Carbon can be exported & synced in just a few clicks to all major DSPs and platforms to fuel customer acquisition, audience monetisation, personalisation and data sales.

The Power of Data connoisseurship at its core

With a dedicated team of data scientists we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with data, while maintaining our ethical data approach.

The use of data science is key to ensuring the quality of our data, uncovering key insights, creating bespoke audiences, and simply & easily exporting those audiences for more profitable outcomes.

The Power of Intent

Mapping Intent over Interest creates high value audiences. Carbon’s ability to profile & predict shopping behaviour by connecting intent with first party data means that campaigns can target truly-in-market consumers exponentially increasing the value of audiences and publishers’ inventory..

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Carbon is the only Data Management Platform that matches online customer behaviour and scored intent to create high value audience segments.
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