Carbon DMP | Carbon launch new Audience Cohort & Overlap features

As well as a move to a data warehouse system, Carbon also launched a number of new features & products in March including Audience Cohort breakdowns for improved insights and Audience Overlap to fuel direct deals

Carbon is always pushing innovation in what is possible when it comes to audience data, so we constantly look to improve infrastructure upon which data exists.  That’s why we’ve moved to a data warehouse system.

What does this mean? Well it gives us mores speed, flexibility and accuracy when uncovering insights, querying data and creating audiences from the data.  In turn this has led to a number of improved audience analysis & creation features – some of which we have shared with you here.

Audience Cohorts: In-depth audience breakdowns

The Audience Cohort feature – accessed by clicking on an audience name in the ‘Audiences’ tab – provides a comprehensive summary of each audience.  As well as a summary statement providing headline stats on the audience, the Audience Cohort page provides full demographic breakdowns; ranked areas of intentbrand affiliationlocation, and devices for each audience.

Audience Overlap: Fuelling programmatic Direct Deals

The Audience Overlap feature enables users to discover where the same profiles exist within 2 audiences.  Accessed by selecting 2 audiences on the left side of the ‘Audience Overview’ table; the overlap feature helps advertisers and publishers find new audience segments to fuel new campaigns, whilst also saving time & money by de-duplicating profiles within segments.

Furthermore, users can create & export audiences out of the overlapping segment to fuel programmatic direct deals, or marketing campaigns for themselves.

New Filtering Options: Combine multiple filters & signals

The latest audience insights querying updates enables users to combine multiple filters and signals, to uncover even more granular insights than before.  We’ve also recently added a number of new filter options including locationbrand and device.

Updated Daily Trends Graph

Data visualisation is a key component of Carbon, from insights through to creation.  The change to the ‘Daily Trends’ graph with the addition of daily signals provides a critical & quick reference point for the levels of data being collected.

Featured Product: Audience Match

Carbon’s Audience Matchâ„¢ identifies highly engaged segments that crossover between an advertiser and a publisher, via machine learning algorithms. This can then facilitate programmatic direct deals whereby publishers can command higher fees, advertisers get the best performing campaigns in brand safe environments, and browsers get a more personalised experience.

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