Carbon DMP | Platform Update | Deeper taxonomy for niche audiences

Our most recent updates have seen Carbon improve its audience builder by opening up our deeper taxonomy further; whilst we’ve also won and been nominated for a number of awards.

Taxonomy Navigator

Our multi-layer taxonomy enables the creation of audiences as broad or as niche as required based on levels of intent for different categories. For example, for a car users may go beyond auto and vehicle type, down to the Brand, Make, and Model. Layering demographic and psychographic attributes and weighting intent based upon the sources of data (e.g. valuation site, review Site, blog) uncovers large in-market audiences with intent to buy.

Carbon users are now able to experience this deeper taxonomy in the dashboard. In the Carbon insights dashboard within the “Signal breakdown” table users can click on any category within the table to reveal something like above, showing a number of sub-categories within our taxonomy. For example, by clicking on ‘shopping’ intent, a further breakdown list may show data for Black Friday, couponing, Christmas, gifting, etc. These can often be clicked on too, to see even deeper levels of taxonomy data.

Audience Building using deeper Taxonomy

The rich, multi layer taxonomy also fuels the ability for users to build audiences based on those sub-categories, as well as seeing the full path. Below you can see our easy-to-use audience builder; when users select the interests dropdown the full taxonomy paths are provided to enable them to build more broad or niche audiences.

Updated KPI Tiles

When users log in to their Insights dashboard the first set of numbers they see are the KPI tiles. These tiles – recently updated – now provide a quick overview of the top intent signal, top site, and top brand we are seeing across the user’s sites, as well as their overall network/property reach.

Featured News

Talented Data Scientist clinches National Award

Clicksco’s own Ryan Jessop has been recognised in a prestigious national award for his key role in our KTP with Durham University

Carbon shortlisted for ML & AI Awards

Carbon DMP has been shortlisted for the AI & Machine Learning Awards 2019, plus our own Ryan Jessop has been nominated for Data Scientist of the year.

Graduate talent to help Carbon expansion plans

Graduate talent from Teesside University is helping to fuel the expansion of Carbon’s intent driven data management platform


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