Carbon DMP | 2018 review - Leveraging Intent data to fuel personalisation

2018 has been all about strengthening our core functions to Analyse, Create, and Execute audience data management, focusing on the power of intent data to fuel personalisation.

Simplicity by design

It’s part of our core principles to simplify the complicated and ensure using our platform is as easy as possible. So as well as launching walkthroughs (for new users), tool tips (to give tips where needed), a help docs section; we also launched a new Carbon tag that gave users faster and more efficient audience profiling and execution, as well as more control over your tag settings at site & parent levels. Plus the tag is also GDPR compliant and integrates with IAB consent management protocols.

Audience Insights & Analysis

At the basis of our platform is the ability to analyse, visualise and extract insights from the data that is being collected; and being able to do this quickly.  Highlights include:

  • Key data summary tiles (e.g. top categories & their uniques, and demographics), daily signals volume line on the opening dashboard graph and provisional real-time stats.
  • The main signal breakdown table in the insights dashboard divides the signals between intent(purchase intent data including top level taxonomy and sub-categories), interest (user interests detected for the users seen on your network), and brands (brand content assigned to a brand in the taxonomy).
  • Filtering options to breakdown data by properties as well as interests in order to visualise more granular trends from your data.
Above: Signal breakdown table in Carbon’s Insight Dashboard showing brand signals.

Audience Creation & Segmentation

With our mission of Putting audience data to work and our core principles around making every data point actionable, these start with better audience creation so we continue to optimise the audience creation tools and algorithms behind the scenes to make it quicker and more intuitive:

  • Intelligent audiences – launched in mid-2018 – are audiences that have been created by our machine learning algorithms that identify high value audiences that humans may otherwise miss. Like with all other audiences, these can then be exported for better monetisation.
  • Expanded audience querying tools to enable users to create audiences based on attributes such as number of visits (representing higher levels of interest/intent), URL path (audiences based on specific page visit), and brands.  2019 will see the introduction of brand affinity into the platform whereby users will be able to see just how engaged with a brand an audience is.
  • Automated rolling audience queries enable users to set Carbon to create audiences every day for a set date range to avoid re-running existing queries – thus saving valuable time. Rolling date ranges include the past day, 7 Days, 14 Days and 30 Days.
Above: Intelligent Audiences that surface in audience creation section of the Carbon dashboard.

Audience Export & Personalisation

While most other platforms require users to download audiences as a CSV file to then upload to their DSP (demand-side platform), the simplicity in exporting audience from Carbon is more efficient to put audience data to work faster.  Profiled interest and intent data from the Carbon platform can be exported for a number of purposes:

  • Anonymously or into branded buckets for data sales; privately to an ad server or advertisers’ DSP seats (e.g. for direct deals); or made available to RTB advertisers through major DSPs including Adform, Mediamath, and Google.
  • All profiled data is made available via a lightweight API too, to plug into a CMS or CRM to personalise UX.
  • Automated rolling audience export where if a user has set a rolling audience to run, they can also set it to auto export (zero-click export) to fuel monetisation.
Above: Simple audience export from Carbon.

Key News

Our most recent announcement was the link up with a media mogul – David Montgomery – to disrupt digital publishing. The collaboration between Carbon and media investment business National World promises to increase revenue and readership for publishers, ensuring more transparency for digital advertisers and better targeting of audiences.

Clicksco also joined the NAI and IAB Transparency & Consent Framework to signal its commitment to ethical data and transparency; and also joined the NVIDIA Inception program to further our AI expertise.

Carbon has also been involved in a number of collaboration projects to further our expertise in data science including Pivigo’s S2DS (Science to Data Science) project, and our continued partnerships with Durham University including a KTP focused on ML & AI advancements and a sponsored PhD.

2019 & Beyond

2019 will be another big year for Carbon as we continue to Put audience data to work and become the leading AI-driven intent data platform, bringing our clients reliable, accurate, and intent-driven audience tools. As such; we’ll continue to invest in our talent, our partnerships, and innovation in profiling, segmentation, personalisation, and data monetisation.

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