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Fill all inventory with Intent-fuelled ads

Intent Match is a block of dynamic content, that is both contextually aware of the URL it’s being served on, as well as the profiled intent or interest of the audience viewing it. Fuelled by Carbon’s proprietary intent data, Intent Match serves personalised and/or contextual ads to ensure more clicks and higher ROIs.

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Fill 100% of inventory with intent fuelled ads.

100% of unsold inventory filled with Intent-fuelled ads.

  • Easily deploy Intent Match Code

    Intent Match Units can be served through a header bidding stack, as a hard coded unit, or set up via ad servers. The ads served are dynamic and based upon Intent.

  • Multiple themes & Units

    The Intent Match ad unit has a range of sizes – including the 300×250 medium rectangle and 728×90 leaderboard – and a number of themes including various colours, text and image elements.

  • Native formats

    A number of native formats are available to fit your site’s look and feel, which in turn increases trust and click through rate.

  • Tier 1 Advertisers

    Intent Match is an ad unit that displays tier one advertisers to your audience based upon their intent signals that have been collected via Carbon.

  • CPC Payouts

    Media owners are paid on a Cost Per Click basis, and with up to 70% CTRs on Intent Match ad units, publishers are able to maximise their inventory’s value.

  • Interaction Data

    In addition; Carbon provides publishers with the interaction/click data from these dynamic Intent Match ad units to provide further insights.

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