Intent-driven Customer Acquisition & Personalisation

Combine your client data with our unique intent data to create audiences of in-market consumers to leverage across all major DSPs & media partners, or to find new similar users. All profiled data is also made available via a lightweight API to personalise UX.

Intelligent Audiences: AI driven audience discovery

Carbon’s machine learning algorithms identify Intelligent Audiences – audiences with highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged – to drive improved ROIs.

2 Click Audience Export

Carbon’s simple audience export feature enables users to quickly export audiences by clicking the audience, selecting the DSP and clicking ‘Export Audience’. It really is that simple; plus Carbon integrates with every major DSP as well as leading platforms such as Facebook.

  • Get client Insights & Reporting

    Get a 360 degree view of your clients’ customers – their demographics, behaviours and intent across sites, devices and locations.

  • Segment client audiences

    Create audience segments based on intent to find the most in-market customers.

Customer Acquisition with Carbon DMP

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