Higher yielding automotive audiences

Combine your data with our unique auto buyer intent data to create audiences of in-market consumers to help extract the most value from your inventory. Filling inventory with ads, products and content relevant to each user or selling audience data results in seamless user experiences, added value and higher yields.

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Leverage our auto intent data for better monetisation.
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Intelligent Audiences:
AI driven audience discovery

Carbon’s machine learning algorithms identify Intelligent Audiences – audiences with highly desirable elements e.g. highly engaged – to drive improved yields.

Intent Match:
Fill 100% of unsold inventory

Intent Match (IM) is an ad unit – with multiple themes & formats including native – that displays tier one advertisers to your audience based upon intent signals collected via Carbon. IM offers up to 70% CTR, higher CPC payouts, higher eCPMs with 100% fill rate, and interaction/click data for further insights.

Revenue from data

From the Carbon platform audience data can be sold through our data sync partners into most DSPs and is then purchased by others, resulting in revenue for you. Data can be pushed anonymously into existing buckets; branded as yours; or privately to DSP seats for specific advertisers.

Audience Insights

Carbon goes beyond top level interests & intent to offer deep customer insights, as well as inferring other signals such as wealth, family status and brand affinity.
Break audiences down by site, channel, device, location, and each customer giving a 360 degree view of each customer to better understand your audience, spot trends and increase ROI.

Audience Segmentation & Extension

Create segments based on multiple parameters including intent, or let Carbon’s machine learning find high value audiences for you.


All profiled data is made available via a lightweight API to personalise UX for increased conversion rates and engagement.


Carbon is fully GDPR compliant with ISO accreditation (27001 and 9001); as well as membership to both the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) and IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

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