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Actionable Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of audience insights, spot trends, and identify opportunities to increase ROI.

Intelligent Segmentation

Using scored intent data & machine learning for manual, automated and curated audiences that perform better.

Scalable Monetisation

A suite of scalable monetisation tools that guarantee incremental revenue per user and fuel further optimisation.

Some of our clients

Carbon Monetisation Products

  • Cookieless Targeting

    Leverage a number of contextual touchpoints & high value audience segments to monetise in realtime via all major ad servers.

  • Ad Monetisation

    Fill every impression with tier one advertisers, intelligently targeted using compliant, scored intent.

  • Search Monetisation

    Drive revenue from your existing search results using scored intent data to unlock incremental gains.

  • Audience Development

    Extend your audience reach attracting more of the same high quality users from various channels to increase impressions and ad clicks.

  • Data Sales

    Drive incremental revenue from the compliant selling of anonymised data via some of the largest data marketplaces.

  • Prebid Optimisation

    Unlock data and revenue behind your header bidding, using machine learning to auto-segment your most valuable segments.

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